Welcome to gLOCAL Evaluation Week

The inspiration for gLOCAL Evaluation Week comes from the acknowledgement of two forces that are shaping today’s evaluation landscape, where global knowledge shapes local evaluation practices and local experiences influence global evaluation thinking.


We are sensitive to the evolving situation with COVID-19 and believe that public health and safety is a priority. Organizers that are concerned with social distancing recommendations, but are still interested in participating in gLOCAL, are encouraged to host online events. For in-person events we encourage organizers to observe recommendations from their local authorities with respect to social gatherings, and we recommend enabling virtual connectivity so that at-risk individuals can also participate in gLOCAL Evaluation Week.

What is gLOCAL Evaluation Week?
A platform for evaluation knowledge-sharing and networking events.
June 1-5, 2020.
To promote evidence-based policymaking and improve development outcomes.
Everywhere! Events take place around the world.
Who can participate?
Everyone is welcome. All events are free and open to the public.

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What is gLOCAL Evaluation Week?


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