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Country: United States

United States
June 3
Washington, DC
Independent Evaluation Group, The World Bank Group
02:00 PM
This session will present the use of geospatial data to analyze the impact of the World Bank Group’s interventions. The session comprises two parts. In the first part, geospatial targeting of World Bank Group support is discussed from a macro perspective. During the second part of the session recent work on geospatial data, both on the independent…
United States
June 4
New York
UNDP Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)
10:00 AM
The webinar aims to raise public awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities, and the role that evaluation can play in supporting these rights. The illustrative case will be a 2017-18 evaluation, ‘UNDP support to disability Inclusive – development’ that looked globally at programmatic and operational issues. The evaluation has positively…

Country: Venezuela

June 5
Escuela de Administración y Contaduría - Universidad Central de Venezuela
02:00 PM
Se busca difundir la importancia de la evaluación para mejorar el desempeño de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil.
Parte 1: Evaluación (marco teórico)
Parte 2: Panel de organizaciones: experiencias y aprendizajes
Parte 3: preguntas y respuestas